NFL player enhances virtual learning for his Alma Mater


BLAKELY, Ga. (WDHN) — An alumnus of Early County High School lent a helping hand that was truly needed for current students to continue learning throughout the pandemic.

“So back in the summer, I received a phone call from one of my former students Shawn Williams who plays for the Cincinnati Bengals he had also reached out to Alvin Williams our Early County principal. It was really on his heart and mind to give back to his community and his alumni high school,” said Jennifer Brown, assistant superintendent of Early County Schools.

Williams gave back by providing Chromebooks to students who are doing strictly virtual learning and hybrid learning. Williams started the process with a GoFundMe through a non-profit organization with an initial amount of $50,000 and with the help from the community and other donors another $50,000 was matched.

For those in need of a Chromebook, it was as simple as putting in an application, and Thursday evening they were piled up on the table ready to be distributed.

“He just really said if you turned in an application I don’t want you to be denied so I’ll match whatever funds I need to match so today we received 250 Chromebooks already ready for Early County students to use and start tonight to work on their homework,” Brown said.

Although Williams wasn’t able to make it down to Blakely, Brown says she can’t wait to call him how thankful the parents and students were to receive such a great gift.

“They really do understand what a blessing they have received and they are overwhelmed when we tell them they don’t have to turn it back in its yours,” Brown said.

Brown says although Shawn Williams was born and raised in Damascus which is a small place in Early County, he has a big heart for giving back to the community and everyone is thankful for him and those involved in this great deed.

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