New software improves Dothan first responder operations


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — RapidSOS is an enhanced software program that improves 911 capabilities.

One thing it does is connect a device registered in RapidSOS directly to 911 and first responders to relay data.

“Sometimes it gives us more accurate information than what we get from the cell services,” Dothan Communications Manager Sandi Jarrett said. “Should we lose or drop a call we can put in the information into the RapidSOS, and it can help us recapture the location of that cell phone.”

Dothan Communications just got another enhancement to the program that allows people registered in RapidSOS to put personal medical data that can only be used in the event of a 911 emergency.

“As people submit the information and it can be uploaded and given to us as the calls come in as long as it is attached to the phone that the individual is calling from,” Jarrett said.

The Dothan Fire Department said this system is really helpful to paramedics. They can use it to develop a game plan on the way to a 911 call.
“They know your history or maybe know your allergies, whatever the case may be,” Dothan Fire Marshall Chris Etheredge said. “If we respond to an unresponsive patient that can’t communicate with us. If the telecommunicator has all of that information they can relay that and it helps us deliver better treatment which increases survivability and makes our community much safer.”

The service is free and people can signup on Emergencyprofile.Org

People 16 and older may signup. Anyone under 16 must be signed up by a legal guardian.

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