New principal talks challenges with COVID-19 ahead of upcoming school year


BLAKELY, Ga. (WDHN) — “Honestly, it’s been a challenge but the team has rallied behind me. I’ve had a lot of support coming from the staff and the community. Just trying to make sure that we have schools as safe as possible for staff and students,” Alvin Williams said.

With schools reopening in the fall, Williams says ensuring the safety of staff and students is his number one priority.

Early County has been a hot spot since the pandemic hit. Williams tells us they have been working with the district to make sure they have the best situation possible for students and staff.

“We actually formed an in house task force where we looked at various issues that may arise and how to address different things throughout the school year to keep the staff and students safe,” Wlliams said.

He says the district has been meeting all summer to come up with safety precautions for students.

Students can expect many additions to classrooms such as hand sanitizer in all of them along with handwashing stations. In addition, creating isolation rooms for students and staff in each building.

According to Williams, he believes students are the parents’ most precious asset and as educators, they are responsible for shaping our democracy.

“That’s part of our job too so it’s critical that we provide the best atmosphere for students to learn as well as keeping them safe,” He said.

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