New business coming to Westpoint Stevens Pepperrell


The 500,000 square foot Westpoint building that has been closed for eight years will now reopen its doors as a new industry will now make it their new home. 

“It’s a industry that will probably create eventually probably within a year 105 new jobs. The company is making a 32 million dollar investment they are about to begin renovations and modifications to prepare them to take a local resource and local product and manufacture it and distribute it regionally primarily by rail,” said Henry County Probate Judge David Money. 

City and business leaders had the opportunity to discuss the new development at the Headland Chamber of Commerce meeting. The company that will be coming is a brand new company but will have local people involved. Money says along from the 105 new jobs the company will bring it will bring residual jobs to henry county as well. 

“You will have vendors you will have suppliers and those are all local people construction workers so its gonna put dozens and dozens of people to work beyond the 105 that will be directed to this industry,” said Money. 

Trey Hayes who spoke to the Headland Chamber of Commerce says henry county is unique because of all the diverse opportunities they offer people. 

“You guys have a very robust agriculture business here in you offer farming, poultry and forest products and not only that you have advance engineering aerospace science so you have a lot going on for you that’s very very unique not only for the state but this part of the country,” said Hayes. 

“Hopefully this is only the start, we actually are talking with a couple of other perspective industries now that we cant really talk about at this stage but hopefully in the next few months their will be other announcement as well,” said Money.  

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