Trusty Todd: Dog bitten by rattlesnake protecting owner

retriever four_1530534788236.png-842137442.jpg

A dog is being hailed a hero by his owner. On Friday morning, Paula Godwin went for an early morning hike down the dusty trails of Anthem, Arizona. She took along two of her trusted pups, one of which is a golden retriever named Todd. 

During her morning stroll, they were walking down a hill when she nearly stepped on a rattlesnake. Trusty Todd, who is less than a year old, recognized the scary situation and jumped in front of her, taking a bite to the face from the snake and saving his owner, Paula. She shared the story on Facebook with photos of Todd calling him her hero.  The photos show Todd’s snout swollen with two puncture wounds from the bite. The post has been shared more than 1,000 times. 

Paula asks people to pray for her “sweet hero” and donate to a GoFundMe page that will help other dog owners pay for anti-venom in the area who may need help in a situation similar to Todd’s. 

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