Changes coming for big events after Dothan man shoots up race track in Panhandle


CALHOUN COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — After a shooting Saturday night, Calhoun County Commissioners have met to discuss changes in their area.

Neighbors living nearby said they have opposed the race track’s events for years, and now their voices are being heard.

“I’d like to see them shut that down,” Calhoun County Resident Roland Johnson said.

Calhoun County residents say the Powerhouse Drag Strip has been a nuisance for years.

“You can hear that noise over 2.5 miles,” Johnson said. “It’s horrific.”

The shooting Saturday night was their last straw.

“Imagine the people that live within 1 mile, or 700 feet or whatever the nearest house,” Johnson said. “Imagine what they are putting up with. Whether it be elderly, sick, a child, or they just don’t like the noise.”

Calhoun County Commissioners spoke with Sheriff Glenn Kimbrel at Tuesday’s commission meeting, said there needs to be increased security presence at large events.

“Of course, I believe that we need to go with a national roar of attendees per security officer, and I think that will make it safer also,” Kimbrel said.

Commissioners approved a motion to support the necessary budget increases for the operation of the sheriff’s department.

When it comes to crowd sizes, the responsibility is in the hands of the Sheriff.

“He’s gonna have to figure out how he can limit the people there.” said Calhoun County Commissioner, Gene Bailey.

The Powerhouse Drag Strip is the site of controversy for commissioners as well as residents.

“I am personally for relooking at powerhouse drag ways conditional land use permit too to see if we might need to do something out there. We’ve had a lot of complaints,” sai Commissioner Bailey.

With two events anticipated for June, Sheriff Kimbrel says there will be an increase in law enforcement presence to ensure the safety of attendees.

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