Montgomery police officer trial continues into Day 2


OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — In 2016, Montgomery police officer Aaron Smith shot an unarmed man during a stop-and-frisk. Smith faces murder charges in the case.

The trial has had a long road to court. Including, the recusal of eight judges and an order to move to the Dale County courthouse and has people in Montgomery concerned.

“Now they can’t justify how the paint stick was used,” Montgomery citizen William Boyd said. “So, therefore I think the key part of this trial is the paint stick.”

The paint stick being referenced is what Officer Smith says the victim Greg Gunn used to try and hit the officer.

There are two interviews the Alabama Bureau of Investigation conducted back in 2016 that shows some slight inconsistencies in the officer’s account. Which leads the concerned citizens to believe he’s guilty.

“Due to the fact that there’s a lot of contradicting he can’t recall when it comes down to the paint stick,” Boyd said. “I think the paint stick was a key piece of evidence that his attorney brought into play.”

The recordings also revealed two scenarios. One scenario where the officer and Gunn had a struggle before he gave chases and the other where there wasn’t a struggle, and this one is where the paint stick came into the scene.

“The DA office out of Montgomery is doing a very professional service to the victim’s family,” Boyd said. “I think they have put on the case with a powerpoint presentation. I think the evidence shows that a crime was definitely committed.”

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