Mobile home residents complain of lack of proper move-out notice


OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — Tuesday was the last day for residents of Brandy Lane Mobile Home Park in Ozark to move out, but some are still there.

The owner, Bob Smith, told WDHN last week he was closing the park and had given residents proper notice.

However, some residents said that’s not the truth and are still searching for somewhere to live.

“If he said 80 days, then that’s wrong,” Jimmy Dutton said. “I think if he would have (given) us 3 months, that would have been okay, not 30 days no.”

“I don’t like nothing that guy has said,” Stacy Dutton said. “He said he gave us 80 days. He hasn’t even given us a month. Our trailer better not get burnt and torn down like he has done.”

Last week two trailers were bulldozed. One was even burned.

Smith said he found another park for residents to move to if they are able to move their trailers.

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