Midland City residents upset over carnival amid pandemic


MIDLAND CITY, Ala. (WDHN) — Midland City residents are outraged at a local party organization for hosting a carnival in the middle of this pandemic.

“I’m just concerned for not just me but my grand kids, my kids,” David Taylor said. “This is a way of spreading it, I mean people are not going to church because of the virus, how can you have a carnival? And it’s right by my house.”

According to city officials, they believed that the carnival would be a good thing for the community.

We spoke to owner and promoter of Family Fun Fest Incorporated, Paul Marini to answer the concerns and frustrations of residents. He said guidelines have been put in place.

“My message to them is if you don’t feel safe, we don’t want you to come,” Marini said. “If you would like to come, we want you to come, but we want you to be prepared to follow those guidelines we’ve set forth.”

He tells us this is the fourth city they have been to, along with taking precautions such as checking the temperature of guests, widening spacing in the field and more.

While these are good ways to prevent the spread, residents said having it in the middle of a pandemic behind Midland City Elementary School, in a neighborhood filled with children only makes the spread of the virus worse and is a huge problem.

“I just don’t agree with it,” Taylor said. “I think it should be shut down. I don’t think the city should have allowed it to happen, and it wouldn’t had happened without the city’s approval.”

Taylor urged people to wear their mask and follow guidelines, as you may save someone’s life.

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