Midland City: Meet your mayoral candidates


MIDLAND CITY, Ala. (WSHN) — Midland city stretches across a little over 6 miles of Dale County, and this election has neighborhoods split. Candidates Cindy Gary and Mel Adams, are running against incumbent Mayor Joanne Grimsley, who again denied to be interviewed at this time.

“This is the first time I’ve ever really been into politics,” said Midland City Mayoral Candidate, Cindy Gary.

Candidate Cindy Gary has lived in Midland City for over 47 years and retired from working for the City of Dothan in 2015. Her husband is currently serving his second term as County Commissioner, so Gary says she is very connected in Midland City.

“I know there will be no immediate changes when it comes to personnel or anything like that. Like I said I want an open-door policy, if people have problems, I want them to come to me first,” Gary said.

Gary says she has been thinking of running for mayor for a long time, and she was ultimately encouraged by a Juneteenth celebration taking place at the Senior Center. She said she witnessed a lot of segregation motivating her to run.

“We’ve got to get together, we’ve got to share things, we’ve got to be involved with everything. Which I know The Juneteenth thing is a slavery holiday, abolishment, or whatever it was, I’m not exactly sure what it’s called, but I can understand that,” Gary said.

Gary says she knows she has homework to do but is willing to put in the time, she has campaigned door to door and through phone calls.

“You do not promise anything that you know you cannot, you know, provide,” Gary said.

And across the street, lives running mate, Mel Adams.

“I’ve been on the city council in Midland City at one time about 6 years already been in city government, and now I’m wanting to run and be the mayor of Midland City, Alabama,” said Midland City Mayoral Candidate, Mel Adams.

Candidate Mel Adams has lived in Midland City his entire life and says he wants to change the way things have been done and focus on who he says are the most important citizens.

“For a hundred years these old mayors, these self-centered mayors have never done anything for the most important citizens of this city, midland city, and that’s our precious children,” Adams said.

If elected Adams says the first thing, he plans to work on is a city park and playground equipment. One of Adam’s main concerns that he plans on fixing is the current situation in City hall.

“City hall is full of corruption and my campaign information that I have given everybody shows documents that shows that construct,” Adams said.

Adams recognizes his biggest supporter as his granddaughter, who had this to say,

“If you feel good about my grandpa please vote for him it’s for the better, and please help my grandpa be mayor and he’ll make Midland City be great again,” said Adams Granddaughter, Melanie Adams.

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