Midland City EMS speaks out


MIDLAND CITY, Ala. (WDHN) — Midland City’s EMS Coordinator has explained why Midland City EMS volunteers didn’t respond to a cardiac arrest call made from Dale County High School on August 6.

“They (Ozark dispatchers) made the decision to send Ozark EMS,” said Midland City EMS Coordinator Jeff Atkins. “We were never dispatched for that.”

According to Atkins, Ozark dispatchers never contacted Midland City EMS.

“We questioned as to why we were not called,” Atkins said. “We were told they had a group already ready to go, ready to roll. They didn’t check with us to see if we did.”

Since that time, several people have taken to social media to express unhappiness with the city’s volunteer EMS. Atkins said many of those people are disgruntled former volunteers.

“I started checking records and things,” Atkins told WDHN. “People were not legal to be on an ambulance. You have to have certain certifications and certain licenses.”

In the meantime, Pinckard, Newton, Napier Field, Grimes and Midland City mayors have brought a new volunteer EMS operation to Dale County: South Dale EMS.

Although South Dale EMS is not up and running yet, several Midland City residents told WDHN it’s about time for another local EMS.

“It should help because it’ll be a lot closer and a lot more helpful with a lot more ambulances out here,” said Midland City resident Logan McCall.

“We will have (an) EMS closer in our community that can get everyone to the hospital a lot faster, in my opinion, compared to coming from Dothan or Ozark,” said Midland City resident Latoya Johnson.

Members of Midland City EMS will be at Tuesday’s commission meeting to continue discussing this topic. WDHN plans to be there.

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