Midland City EMS Coordinator targets media at council meeting


MIDLAND CITY, Ala. (WDHN) — Midland City’s EMS coordinator accused WDHN of releasing incorrect information and went on to call the station a liar.

In a video of Tuesday night’s city council meeting in Midland City, when asked why the city continues to face a dilemma regarding its ambulance services, EMS Coordinator Jeff Atkins said the fault lies with the media.

“All they’re going on is what the status, the stats, that are from E-911 in Ozark,” said Midland City EMS Coordinator Jeff Atkins. “They don’t go by the stats that we get here.”

In the four stories WDHN has produced regarding Midland City’s ambulance service, nowhere has the number of calls issue been addressed.

Yet, Atkins said WDHN released false information.

“Most of our calls are run through dispatch here, so they don’t have those calls,” Atkins said. “So all they’re going on is what E-911 tells them.”

When asked to tell exactly how many calls the volunteer organization has received from the beginning of this month to August 19, Atkins gave a total number of 48.

“Rescue has responded to 33 of those calls,” Atkins said. “Seven of those calls were done by POV, either they were lift assistance or we couldn’t get up a crew. Of those 48, only eight have been covered by other EMS crews.”

It’s important to note that only 33 of those 48 calls seem to have been responded to with a full crew and ambulance. Leaving 15 of those 48 calls to be considered by some as not an official EMS response.

Yet, Atkins said Midland City EMS is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“So we are running,” Atkins said. “We have crews that are available 24/7.”

However, it would appear that on the day a student went into cardiac arrest at Dale County High School, no Midland City EMS crew could be assembled.

WDHN did attempt to speak with Midland City officials, but none would comment.

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