Meet Southeast Health’s new CMO: Dr. George Narby


DOTHAN, Ala. ( WDHN) —From Philadelphia to Dothan, Dr. Narby is an Army veteran with over 20 years of medical experience that he’s sharing with southeast health as the new Chief Medical Officer and VP.

Dr. Narby has a background in primary care internal medicine clinical practice. He started his career in New York after graduating from medical school when he was 25 years old.

“Well my story about my executive health care executive experience is really about one thing lead to another,” said Dr. George Narby. “My experience in administration began as a young active-duty army doctor, newly minted and I had roles and responsibilities in my 20’s before I was 30 that many doctors don’t every experience in their careers.”

Narby says he enjoys managing people, interfacing with other doctors, and he has a strong passionate loyalty to the army, which can be seen in his work philosophy.

“I think being a very straightforward communicator, setting expectations, following through, and having accountability are all things that the army taught me and I think that I’ve seen in my short time here that that culture is part of southeast and was brought here by Rick Sutton,” said Narby.

Dr. Narby says he plans to serve the veterans to the best of his ability.

Before moving to Dothan, he was working for the Tricare Overseas Program as their Global Medical Director. He has experience handling COVID-19 on an international level that will help him navigate the pandemic in the wiregrass.

“I think that from my perspective as a physician, COVID-19 and this pandemic is a public health issue and this is about protecting our community, protecting our patients, protecting our medical staff so that they can continue to care for our community, and I think that the best way to manage this is to really follow the science and the evidence,” said Narby.

Dr. Narby looks forward to making the Wiregrass his new home and promises to learn all about SEC Football in order to survive football season in the south.

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