Mayor Saliba urges citizens to still wear masks ahead of the holiday weekend


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — In a news conference Tuesday morning, Gov. Ivey extended the amended ‘Safer At Home’ order to expire at the end of July.

Although there are no changes to the order, with COVID-19 still effective and many looking forward to celebrating the big holiday in a few days, this is not the time to let your guard down.

“You know when you get out in public and you know you’re going to be around a lot of people that you do not know and you’re going to be closer than six feet then you need to wear a mask. I know that everyone is fatigue and tired I call it the COVID fatigue and we really want to get back to a normal life,” Mayor Saliba said.

As of now, the normal life we’re used to is distant. With the reopening, the state has seen a spike of cases and here at home Houston County is under a moderate risk with over 400 cases of COVID-19.

Mayor Saliba says the goal is not to backtrack. In order to keep those numbers down, you may have to step out of your comfort zone and follow the guidelines like wearing a mask.

“If we follow those guidelines, we can stay open and continue to do business, and make a living and pay the bills, and have fun and do things we wanna do safely,” Mayor Saliba said.

As for Mayor Saliba, he says he’s no different than anyone else. His family takes the necessary precautions to help avoid the exposure of the virus.

“My wife is very clear that when we go in public we wear a mask. For me to stand up to say wear a mask, so when I go to grocery stores and pharmacies and places where there is gonna be more people there we’re gonna wear a mask,”

Mayor Saliba added that the city commission is not planning on issuing a mask ordinance of any kind like we have seen in Birmingham. Also, he encourages people to get out and catch some fresh air this holiday weekend just make sure you follow the safety measures.

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