Many outraged by Daleville school board's decision in employee sexual harassment case

DALEVILLE, Ala.-- It was a packed room at the Daleville City Schools Board of Education meeting late Wednesday afternoon.

A school employee has been accused of sexual harassment of a fellow employee.

Many people were at the meeting to address the board about the controversial issue.

Emotions of outrage flooded the room as people expressed their concerns about the school bus mechanic accused of inappropriate sexual behavior to a school bus driver.

The board suspended the man accused of the misconduct and some say the punishment is just not enough.

"No comment" was the response from board members after some people addressed the board at its regular meeting.

"This has been going on since May 7, 2018 and the board either will not view the video or has not viewed the video and will not vote to terminate him," said school bus driver and victim, Teresa Bass.

"I don't want to have to worry about walking through the school bus shop alone by myself and no one else in the yard, taking a chance that he might grab me. No one should put their hands on you," said Dina Rieger.

Rieger is a Daleville schools bus driver and was one of the people who addressed the board privately about the issue in its executive session.

"I said do what's right, not because you're friends with his daddy or its a good ole buddy system I said simply do your job, do what's right. There's a video tape right now that has proof of what this man did. Why will it not be seen and justice be served," said Rieger.

A petition has been circulating to release surveillance footage of the incident, which occurred in May.

"Where he takes his hands and he puts it on my tale, squeezes it. I put my hands on his chest then pushed him off. Then I go to the front of my bus, sat in the drivers seat, he followed me up there and in the doorway he is rubbing all over his genital area," said Bass.

Most were angered about the July school board's meeting not to follow superintendent Dr. Diane Flournoy's recommendation to terminate the employee.

 Instead he was suspended without pay for 20 days.

"Nothing was done the first time except for he was suspended," said Bass.

Now we are being forced to work with him on a daily bases. They put four-inch yellow lines and we can't go in the back door anymore. We're just trying to do our job and your making it hard," said Rieger.

Employees say they're not going to give up until something more is done.

"I want him terminated. If he will do this to a 50-year-old woman what will he do substituting our buses to our children," said Bass.

"I'm not going to stop. I'm not going to stop. Put your mom or your daughter in that position. Please," said Rieger.

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