Man finds dead cockroach in Burger King whopper


At Burger King, you are supposed to get it your way, but that’s not what a local man said happened when he took a bite into his whopper.

“I was pretty upset, as you can imagine I heaved a little bit,” Brian Garmon said.

The home of the Whooper was home to something far less appetizing. Garmon said he went through the Burger King drive-thru on Lisenby and 15th St. before he met up with some friends at a nearby comic shop.

“I was going in for probably my third or fourth bite and I caught something out of the side of my eye, and about the time I got to ‘here’, I looked down and right next to my mouth was what was left of this roach,” Garmon said.

He took pictures of the dead cockroach and called the manager.

“If there was roaches in their food line, I didn’t want anyone to get sick or have one in their food,” Garmon said

He said the manager then put him in touch with their district trainer. 

“They were very apologetic, very sorry, and they said they were going to have their corporate or insurance company contact me and unfortunately they never did,” Garmon said.

While he waited for their call, they offered him a refund.

“They offered me a replacement meal but unfortunately that’s not something I’m interested in,” Garmon said.

Garmon collected his refund of about $8 but wants more to be done.

“I just don’t feel their corporate office is taking it seriously,” Garmon said.

Burger King issued a statement saying:

“We prepare our food with care and take complaints like this seriously. We understand that as soon as this matter was raised, the Manager of this location apologized to this guest and offered them a new meal. We can confirm this is an isolated incident and we are working with the franchise who owns and operates this location as well as our supplier to ensure our high standards for food safety and operations are being followed.” – Burger King Media Relations.

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