Make-A-Wish sends girl to Orlando


ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — Just by looking at 5-year-old Sufiera, you would never know she has had to overcome more than most her age.

The Enterprise native was born with Gastroschisis, a birth defect where a baby inborn with their intestines outside their body. In 2016, Sufiera had a small intestine transplant but her body rejected the transplant due to fluid overload in her lungs.

Around the time, Bud Sliger and his wife Marilyn entered the scene and are both in the grant-making business at Make-A-Wish.

“One of the common themes everybody asks, what’s your favorite wish? My favorite wish is the one we’re working on right now and it’s not really about where they go, what they get, it’s about making that kid special for that period of time,” Bud Slinger said.

Earlier this year, Sufiera’s kidneys failed which caused her to be hospitalized for eight months in Omaha, Nebraska. Sufiera had to go thousands of miles away from home to receive treatment and her grandfather quit his job to be Suferia’s primary caregiver.

However, there is a silver lining to Sufiera’s story because Monday afternoon, Mcdonald’s was serving more than just happy meals.

There, she discovered she would be soon packing her bags for yet another trip, but to Orlando provided by the Make-A-Wish foundation.

“She is just one of the most energetic little girls you’ll meet. She’s boisterous and she’s just happy and you know, sometimes challenges take us in a different direction, but her attitude is going to lift her higher and higher,” said Eddie Byrd, the Director of Marketing and Community Outreach.

Sufiera was very happy after receiving the news.

“It’s amazing,” She said.

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