Lovetown purchases $40K command vehicle


LOVETOWN, Ala. (WDHN) — The Lovetown Volunteer Fire Department is now the owner of a new $40,000 command vehicle.

According to Chief Jimmy Dixon, the purchase was made possible through a low-interest loan by a Birmingham-based credit agency.

The unit features a radio system, expanded storage and a map board — all meant to support first responders during emergency situations.

“If you have a big scene you can open the back door, pull your drawers out, you can lay your map, your roads, your house fire, draw your house out,” Dixon said. “(It) helps for safety and that’s the biggest thing we work on as volunteers is the safety part of it.”

Lovetown volunteer firefighters won’t be the only ones using the new command vehicle; the unit will be available to other nearby emergency responders as well.

“Big fire at Gordon, big fire at Wicksburg, if the chiefs request it and it’s available to run they can set it up,” Dixon explained. “It’s got radios in the back, you can talk.”

The command vehicle joins Lovetown’s other emergency vehicles that include two fire engines, a brush truck and a support vehicle.

However, the department says it has plans for even more upgrades.

“We’ve got a grant for new turnout gear,” Dixon said. “Our turnout gear is getting to the life of it which is ten years. It’s at the end of its life so we’ve got a grant to see if they’ll approve us for turnout gear.”

The unit will begin serving its community in the very near future.

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