Local residents dissatisfied with stimulus amount


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — It’s a new year, and some residents are still dealing with the same issues: when are they getting their stimulus checks?

Citizens are finally starting to receive some financial relief.

Government officials voted on giving american $600 COVID-19 relief package last week.

Now stimulus checks are starting to be distributed, but while residents are grateful for the assistance during this difficult time, they believe it is not enough to live.

“No, not really I mean I appreciate the help the government’s given us, but it’s not really enough to make it if you look at the way prices are nowadays inflated up,” Mark McGriff said. “It’s not really livable, but it’s appreciated.”

Back in March, citizens received the first wave of stimulus checks in the amount of $1200. Now nine months later, a second one is finally here, but some residents didn’t receive anything at all.

“Cause after expenses, mortgage, rent or whatever, that don’t even cover just for me alone is $600 a month so what are you supposed to do for the next couple months,” Dylan Melendez said.

President Donald Trump had argued that this $600 was not a substantial amount for a family to live off of, but that decision was vetoed by the senate keeping the $600.

Residents believed the decision was insensitive and thinks government are not thinking about the desperate American people.

While this is an unfortunate situation the most important thing is to keep faith and move forward and residents encourage this.

“I mean keep pressing forward keep doing what you’re doing, never lose faith in who you are and just keep pushing,” McGriff said.

In the spirit of the new year, just keep going and don’t give up no matter what obstacles you’re facing, continue to keep your faith.

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