Local produce farm thrives during tomato season


MALVERN, Ala. (WDHN) — A few weeks ago Aplin Farms was selling peaches really fast even amid the pandemic.

Now they are selling another crop like wildfire, and that is tomatoes.

“Right now we’re at the peak or middle of tomato season,” Aplin Farms owner John Aplin said. “You know we’re right in the middle. We start tomatoes the first of June, and around the end of July so we’re right dead center of tomato season.”

Aplin said that while they sale many other crops, and even do really well selling peaches, they are still known for tomatoes.

That’s why they said they prepare in advance to have tomatoes all summer.

“We plant three different crops, so every two to three weeks we’re planting a new field of tomatoes,” Aplin said. “So as we finish one field we move into the next field so that we got them all summer. We stop trying to have tomatoes around the first part of August.”

The tomato is a big part of the Slocomb community, and Aplin Farms said they focus on local businesses to help the community.

“We focus on local sales within the tri-state area basically is what we focus on,” Aplin said. “We try to supply our local grocery stores and our local businesses. As well as our regular retail customers that come here to shop with us.”

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