Local organization in need of donations for your warmth


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — In the late-night and morning hours, temperatures are usually cold and that may cause discomfort.

Therefore you may find yourself turning on your heating unit to withstand the frigid weather. But what about those with poor insulation homes or who can’t afford to run the heat excessively? SARCOA (Southern Alabama Regional Council on Aging is an Area Agency on Aging) is there for you to keep you warm.

“We are contacted by lower-income populations a lot and when they call and say they need to keep their bills down a space heater would be better so they don’t have to heat their entire house may be just the room they are sitting in. We have a lot of bed-bound clients that that’s the only room they need to warm up,” Volunteer Coordinator Amy Gillaspie said.

In order for SARCOA to provide any help to clients, they need help from the community first which is a donation of space heaters. Volunteer coordinator Amy Gillaspie says they have been fortunate to receive donations from the Wiregrass community amid the pandemic but they also had to help themselves.

“Last year I know we brought in or gave out 33 more heaters than we normally do, this year we had to go out and purchase even more all of them are donated, we write that they are donated and there is always a need for more heaters,” She said.

She says putting these heaters in the hands of those who truly rely on them is a touching experience.

“The first couple houses I went into it humbles you and makes you think of what you take advantage of at home and you just take it for granted,” She said.

If you are looking to help them, you can do so on their website by sending money or if you have a space heater to donate you can stop by the office and someone will be there in the front to assist you.

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