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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The Flu is something many people try to avoid getting, and right now it is currently the middle of Flu season.

Both pediatric and clinic doctors in the Wiregrass have been reporting seeing a higher number of Flu cases.

“We’re still in the middle of an outbreak,” Internal Medicine Associate Dr. Russell Bedsole said. “I know in parts it’s been almost an epidemic.”

Dr. Bedsole encourages people to get the shot, even giving it until the early summer months because Flu season can extend into March and April.

However, there may be a few reasons not to get it.

“One is an allergy to eggs,” Dr. Bedsole said. “If you’re allergic to eggs you’re not supposed to get it. There are a couple of other medical conditions, but there’s a checklist most physicians have now and they’ll ask you a couple of questions and if you say no to those then you’d be eligible.”

But not only is the flu something Bedsole sees, but there have also been a few cases of Shingles, which is a viral infection that often presents as a rash.

It’s essentially a reactivation of the chickenpox, and according to the CDC by age 70 half of all adults will have or get Shingles.

“What we see a lot, there are two things, the pain it travels along the nerve when it comes, it sort of lives in the nerve,” Dr. Bedsole said. “When it happens there can be bad pain like people crying in pain, and unfortunately the pain can persist for months.”

Dr. Bedsole said there have been two vaccines developed over the last several years for Shingles.

While they aren’t full proof they can help prevent the Shingles from occurring or shortening the time you have it so the pain and rash are just for a short course of time.

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