What’s Good in the Neighborhood: The Trailmasters of Frank Jackson Park

Local News

OPP, Ala. (WDHN) — They’re a group of men and women known as the Trailmasters of Frank Jackson State Park in OPP. The organization has received state and federal recognition for their work.

Last month, the Trailmasters helped put together the 11th annual “Scarecrows in the Park,” a feature that will draw thousands of people to Frank Jackson Park between now through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

The Trailmasters is composed of mainly 70 senior citizens who spend countless hours doing everything from helping clean the park to organizing the many events’ that take place there.

Last April, the Alabama State Park Division recognized the Trailmasters for their unpaid efforts.

The opp chamber of commerce said you can’t pay for such positive publicity and that they’re a godsend.

Mayor Becky Bracke said she’s been approached by fellow mayors statewide wanting to know the secret of having such a motivated group of volunteers.

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