What’s Good in the Neighborhood: ‘Mr. Awesome’ inspires local youth

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — They call him “Mr. Awesome,” but his birth certificate says “Anthony Galloway,” and if you are around him for very long, you will find yourself smiling.

His positive outlook on life and enthusiasm is contagious, but Mr. Awesome hasn’t always been happy.

As a child, he was picked on and was painfully shy. He remembers being severely beaten by three of his peers when he was only 10 years old. 

“So I wanted to commit suicide,” Galloway said. “One time I even pulled out a big knife, and thankfully my brother was there to tell me no, and he called my parents.”

That incident had a lasting impact and was the turning point in his life.

Nowadays, Anthony lives to encourage others. He mentors youth and volunteers at Harvest Church where he has been a member for several years. 

“I want to be that person that when you are having a bad time, you just have somebody that can uplift you,” Galloway said. “We all need that and to let you know that no matter what you go through, you can make it.  Even if you made a bad mistake, you can make it because you know that you’re not your mistakes. You’re not your past, but you can still make it to your dreams and your destinations.”

You’ll know “Mr. Awesome” when you see him because he’s the one always greeting everyone he encounters with a smile and offering words of encouragement.

This past year, Anthony held an “Awesome Awards” ceremony where he identified 20 local heroes who have done good deeds. Each recipient received a certificate and a catered dinner on him. 

“To me, it’s meaningful to fulfill what God has put me here for and to do it in His name and to show people that we’re all here for a purpose and so in doing ministry is to bring people to realize who Christ is and to find freedom in Him,” he said.

Being a victor and not a victim, it’s what’s good in the neighborhood this week.

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