What’s Good in the Neighborhood: Ministry shines a light on prisoners in darkness

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GRACEVILLE, Fla. (WDHN) — Hope and redemption have been the gospel message of Touch and Agree Ministries to prisons across Florida for 15 years. 

The ministers shared their message with the people of Graceville, Florida, to get a glimpse of a prison ministry in action.

Prophetess Phyllis Davis, co-founder of Touch and Agree, said their goal for each prison they step foot in is to show that God is real. 

He’s everything that they need, David said. You can be anything that God wants you to be if you just trust him and turn it over to him, Hallelujah.

Evangelist Dwight Jones and Pastor Clarence Smith said ministries like Touch and Agree are what saved their lives when they were incarcerated. 

They believe that prison ministries don’t just give hope to those behind bars but help them understand that they are loved.

The Bible says when your mother and father forsake you, Jesus will take you in, Smith said. He’s a brother to the brotherless, a father to the fatherless. He’s a mother to the motherless, and giving them that hope and letting them understand that who God is, which is love. He’s a loving God that don’t look on us as for our shortcomings or where we fail. He loves us because he knows we are imperfect people.

The pulpit (is going to) start looking like a ring of the men that came through prison, that been through something because if you ain’t been through nothing, then you ain’t got nothing to tell nobody, Jones said. If you have a test, then you have to have a testimony, and we have been tested. (I’ve done) 25 years, and he did 13 years, and we’ve seen God move and do the impossible things, and we’re here. We want to help people. We want to let people know, bring awareness to the people that less than fortunate.

Showing Christ’s love, bringing hope and shining a light to those behind bars, they are Touch and Agree Ministries, and they’re What’s Good in the Neighborhood this week.

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