What’s Good in the Neighborhood: Fresh food for all at Aunt Katie’s

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Things are stirring at Aunt Katie’s Community Garden, but it’s more than just fresh butterflies, bee hives and vegetables you can eat straight out of the garden.

“I grew up in this neighborhood, and what it is is a community food project,” said Michael Jackson, director of Aunt Katie’s Community Garden. “It is a project where folks of different cultures can relearn how to share and work together. It’s a place to come and discover food like you’ve never discovered before.”

On one hand, T=the garden provides fresh produce for those on a limited budget while bringing the community together to learn about healthy foods and instilling an appreciation for nature.

“You’ll come, and you will pull a carrot out of the ground,” Jackson said. “You will taste broccoli leaves and understand the beauty and sweetness of that taste.”

And on the other hand it acts as a teaching tool for area schools to entertain and inspire children.

“We have been planting and weeding and actually now harvesting and so it is such a great cooperative arrangement that we have,” Sonia Crutchfield said. “We have children that are actually getting their parents to take them on Saturdays to volunteer at the garden, not even a part of the school.

“And the impact continues to spread throught the city– we’ve harvested and taken part of the produce to the harbor so that they can distribute it. And so they are seeing the results of their actions in the community and how it is affecting the people that live around them.”

A garden digging deep to help grow a healthy community and future is this week’s What’s Good in the Neighborhood.

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