WHAT’S GOOD IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Dreams of a better future

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GENEVA COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — When you hear the word “Hamilton,” you may think of the hit Broadway show written by Lin-Manuel Miranda inspired by the 2004 biography “Alexander Hamilton” by historian Ron Chernow.

However, one Geneva County librarian is now using it to teach in her “Hamilton class” at the county jail.

“What started as a summer reading program for our jail, and it was because I wanted to have an adult program of some sort and so I got up with the sheriff, I got up with the GED teacher, and they were all on board,” said Marian Wynn, library director. “We listened to the music, and I was amazed at the response that we just continued it.”

Wynn said that by being able to see the possibilities are there and that they are able to do something with them in Hamilton’s story has impacted her students

“You look at his childhood, and you compare it to some of these people,” Wynn said. “My students, their backgrounds are not the most beautiful and so they can relate to what he went through, and they can see that just because he began that way doesn’t mean he had to end that way.”

Wynn said after posting some of her students’ essays about Hamilton and sending a few to Lin-Manuel Miranda, she received a handwritten note thanking her for what she’s doing.

“He said your support of Hamilton means the world, I was delighted to read how your students are using the music to gain a better understanding of the events that have shaped our nation,'” she read. “‘Although time constraints regretfully keep me from asking each question individually, please extend to them my warmest regards. I wish them all a brighter, hopeful future, Lin Miranda.'”

People learning to better themselves, that’s what’s good in the neighborhood this week. 

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