What’s Good in the Neighborhood: Dothan Police Sports League

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Usually, when you see a Dothan police officer, it means something bad might have happened.

Now, through the Police Sports League, the department is working to reach youth in the community to help steer them in the right direction.

“The relationship between our community and police departments around the world is so damaged right now,” Dothan Police Corporal Taiwan Truitt said. “We need to do everything that we can do to rekindle those relationships between our community, our youth, and our police department.”

But the sports league isn’t just to enforce positive police images, it’s also meant to change lives.

“We are trying to get kids involved in, more involved in school, being more obedient at home,” Truitt said. “We want kids to take their SAT’s, get ready for college. We are focusing on the total aspect of life for these kids.”

For officers who participate, Truitt says they enjoy seeing the happiness on the kids’ faces.

“To see a kid smile because they get to do something they like to do, to include how expensive things are, Chief Parrish took it upon himself to say we’re going to take care of that ourselves,” Truitt said. “We’re going to do this for our kids, so that is huge to see our kids smile.”

But it’s not just the kids who are enjoying the program…

“It kind of gives the parent a break,” Truitt said. “We take the kids once we’re done, we feed them, so that kind of relieves mom and dad from having to go find food. So, the parents are loving program.”

Officers turned friends, it’s ‘What’s Good in the Neighborhood.’

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