What’s Good in the Neighborhood: Christmas comes early for boy in need of kidney

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ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — Damonte Marshall has spent most of his time fighting for his life, and even with the battle, he was still brave.

“Since he’s been on a feeding tube since he was born, he had this feeding pole, and that’s how he learned how to walk, but then it was kinda tricky trying to get him to walk unassisted without the pole, but he finally got the courage to do so,” said Kashebra Smith, Damonte’s mother.

Still fighting, Damonte’s mom said she never lost her faith during the waiting process.

“His kidney function stayed great until caught he caught the flu, and then we had to put him back on dialysis,” Kashebra said. “So after we put him on dialysis the second time, it was the journey of he’s going to need a transplant because his kidney isn’t working,” Smith said.

Even during the long wait for a kidney, Smith said she never lost her faith.

Damonte received his new kidney on Sept. 6, and that’s what’s good in the neighborhood.

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