What’s Good in the Neighborhood: Christian mission saves lives from the cold

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Dorothy-Ann Boyers credits the Christian Mission with saving her life this week.

After a series of circumstances, the 65-year-old Hartford native found herself recently homeless.

On Tuesday night, with temperatures dipping into the 20’s, a police officer found Dorothy trying to stay warm on the street. Instead, he brought her to the Christian Mission where she was given overnight accommodations.

“Yes, it’s very cold, and there’s nowhere for homeless people to be,” Dorothy said. “You can’t be on private property. The only thing you can do is maybe not get caught on a property that’s been abandoned.”

For the local Christian Mission founder, Reverand John Belcher, being able to provide shelter for those without a roof over their heads or without heat is part of his mission statement.

After all, sub-freezing temperatures can prove deadly for those surviving on the streets.

“The Christian Mission Center wants to be sure that everyone that does not have a home does not have to be out in this weather and that they’ve got food to eat and adequate clothing for this time of year,” John said.

“It’s very Christian-oriented, and it does more things for people in my situation that could really help others get out of the situation I’m in,” Dorothy said.

By helping to keep people safe from the cold, the Christian Mission is what’s good in the neighborhood this week.

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