What does the Ft Rucker renaming mean for Rucker Blvd?

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ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — The National Defense Authorization Act was passed on January 1st by Congress after being vetoed by the president.

According to the Senate Armed Services Committee, the budget “provides for funding and authorities for the U.S. Military and other critical defense priorities, and ensures our troops have what they need to defend our nation.” The bill also includes the renaming of military installations named after confederate generals, including Ft Rucker.

“This was a decision made to name these bases after people, white supremacist, and those who are part of the confederacy,” said Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. “The men for which these bases were named are not heroes they are named for traitors who took up arms against America and killed American soldiers in defense of slavery.”

The 10 installations would have to change their name within the next three years. With the many roads and shops being named after Fort Rucker, some are asking if these names will be changed.

In response to this, Enterprise released a statement to WDHN today concerning the effect the name change could have on Rucker Boulevard:

“At this time, the City of Enterprise has no position on the possibility of a name change for Fort Rucker or Rucker Boulevard. City officials have received no notification of consideration of a name change as yet from Department of the Army leaders.

A street name change could be considered by city officials if and when changes at the neighboring post are made. The main thoroughfare from Enterprise to Fort Rucker is named Rucker Boulevard inside the city limits but is actually State Highway 248. Therefore, while the city would have some input into a street name change, a final decision would be up to the Alabama Department of Transportation.”

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