Trucker keeps on trucking through COVID-19

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The pressure to keep shelves stocked while maintaining truckers safety has led to anxiety and concerns for both drivers and their families.

Leonard Hickman, a Newton truck driver, has seen that pressure and anxiety firsthand.

“The anxiety levels are pretty bad right now, especially going into the truck stops, the restrooms. A lot of people think that truck drivers are isolated, but that’s pretty much furthest from the truth. For one to two hours a day, we’re right on top of each other in truck stops getting coffee, using the restroom, ya know, going to these shippers, getting the paperwork. For the most part, they have glass in front of the shippers and everything now. It’s definitely a lot different over the past three weeks than it has been.”

He has also seen the support from the community. He says that he feels more appreciated now that he has since he started driving.

Overall, he is just continuing to drive on.

“I’m doing my job. I’m actually fortunate that I have a job right now. Eighty percent of my friends on Facebook, my family, you know, they’re all without a job right now. I’m very thankful that I’m considered essential to keep the American economy rolling.”

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