Troy Cable receives $575,115 from Wiregrass Electric to bring broadband internet to rural counties

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Wiregrass Electric Cooperative and Troy Cable have joined forces to bring high-speed broadband internet to many residences and businesses throughout the Wiregrass.

$575,115, that’s how much Wiregrass Electric Cooperative is awarding Troy Cable to help bring connectivity to parts of Houston and Geneva counties.

For the next several months, WEC will be partnering with Troy Cable to build a fiber backbone between all of the co-op’s substations and offices.

“We wanted to have a high-speed connection to all of our offices,” Wiregrass Electric Chief Operating Officer Brad Kimbro said. “That high-speed connectivity allows us to provide better service to our collective members. (We also) realized that again Rural America was being left behind.”

After the fiber has been strung, members near the areas will be able to receive broadband internet at their homes and businesses.

“There’s jobs that are created by businesses being here in Rural America if there’s high-speed broadband internet connection,” Kimbro said. “If there’s not businesses in rural America, then guess what there’s not jobs. If there’s not jobs in rural America, then rural America would dry up. We couldn’t stand by and let that happen.”

The timeline for when the counties will receive help isn’t set, but work began on making the power poles ready for fiber in April, and Wiregrass Electric’s Chief Executive Officer knows they’ll prevail.

“It’s only a question of how many years because our board’s committed,” Les Moreland said. “We have to do this on its own merit. We’re not going to cause our electric members to pay a higher rate in order to achieve this goal.”

Wiregrass Electric firmly believes this investment will translate to jobs, increased opportunity for teleworking and telemedicine, better education, and the overall improvement in the quality of life for our members and the Wiregrass community.

When forming this partnership, Wiregrass Electric looked for a company with the same values as them, which happened to be Troy Cable.

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