Trial for alleged brother killer postponed

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OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — The trial for the Daleville man accused of murdering his brother back on Nov. 24, 2018, has been postponed.

Judge Kimberly Clark signed the order to continue the trial, originally scheduled for Tuesday, due to delays in getting psychological treatment for suspect Thomas Goulart.

Goulart shot his brother back after getting into an argument, leading to an confrontation with authorities. His attorney, David Harrison, filed a not guilty plea by reason of mental illness or defect.

Goulart’s legal proceedings were delayed back in May for him to be admitted into Taylor Hardin Secure Medical Facility. It was determined through a mental evaluation that he was not competent to stand trial at the time but that he could regain competency upon receiving treatment.

However, according to a more recent motion by Harrison, the facility still hasn’t admitted Goulart since there’s no space and did not give a date for his admittance.

Because of this, Harrison requested that Goulart’s personal psychiatrist be allowed to evaluate him for nightmares and auditory hallucinations. This was noted by the court, who said that any further psychological needs must be brought to Sheriff Wally Olson’s attention first.

Goulart’s new trial date is now scheduled for the docket on February 3, 2020. His charges still include murder and attempted murder.

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