Traffic backed up as sewer line gets replaced on 84 West

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — If you’ve been driving on 84 West and Ross Clark Circle, you know that traffic is backed up most days, but it’s for good reason.

The city of Dothan Publics Works Department has to replace a 16-foot-deep sewer line that has to be done before the widening on Ross Clark Circle can begin.

“They’ve got a trench box (that) they’ve got to slowly work up through there,” Public Works Director Charles Metzger said. “So, it’s going to be tough for a couple of weeks out there in that area because they’ve got to have that lane closed and then close the lane beside them when they’re actually working so there’s two lanes getting closed. We’re getting down to one lane.”

The department was aware that this had to be done first, but whenever they do a project like this someone goes out to the site and looks at all the utilities, especially those under the pavement.

“Once they T.V’d and found out that this line was bad, then yeah, you go ahead and replace it,” Metzger said. “The last thing you want to do is spend millions of dollars, which is what the state’s doing, and then have to go back and tear the road back up, so trying to get all the utilities relocated or repaired before the widening can start.”

As with many construction sites, there will be delays and issues, but it’ll be better once everything is completed.

“People have to realize, you know, that you just got to get it done and suffer through it until the work can be completed because once it’s completed it’ll be much better,” Metzger said. “It’ll be similar to what 231 North was up there when it was four-lane, and now it’s six-lane, a lot better traffic flow through those areas.”

To move everything that’s under the contract will cost around $5,000,000.

Metzger said that the construction could last a few months and encourages people to avoid driving in this area, so if you know back roads take them.

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