Tensions rise in Early County as Georgia runoffs grow closer

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EARLY CO. Ga. (WDHN) — As the Georgia runoff election grows closer, many are worried about the validity of votes after the controversy of the general election.

“Well, I’ve been disappointed because of everything that has gone on,” Early County resident Terrye said.

She is just one of the many people who felt the urgency to vote in the Senate runoff election after what she saw during the general election.

She stated she hopes this election takes more time and is not the only one questioning the integrity of Georgia’s poll results.

“A lot might not show up this time,” resident Sherrie Freeman said. “That’s what I think, you know, because I got a ballot in the mail to vote by mail, but I tore it up. I wanted to vote in person.”

The state of Georgia has seen lots of controversy over the Senate races, as the outcomes may decide, which party holds the majority in the United States Senate.

Dome still have faith in the process, despite what many have stated and the tensions that have been felt across the state since November.

“That is the one thing that we do in this country: Americans vote; Americans are given a right to vote,” resident Priscillia George said. “I think the electing is valid. I trust the secretary of state, Raffensperger, that he’s doing the right thing constitutionally for the people.”

Many are getting out to vote, whether early absentee, by mail, or on Jan. 5 with the eyes of the nation held on the peach state.

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