Small town businesses hardly affected by coronavirus while other see shortfall

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(WDHN) — Many economies around the nation have been negatively affected by COVID-19, but the town of Headland said they haven’t had as much of an issue with their local businesses.

“Most of our businesses have remained strong,” Headland Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Adrienne Wilkins said. “We have a few that are still trying to play catch-up and stay in business, but our local residents and our community and actually our neighbors as well have one a great job supporting Headland-based businesses.”

Headland has had a support local campaign going on and a Facebook group where local people can find out what local businesses are doing.

“So we just continue to ask our local community to support your local business,” Wilkins said. “Shop locally and keep our community strong.”

Across the county line, the town of Columbia hasn’t seemed to be affected at all by the virus economically.

“The business owners that I have spoken with, you know, we’re a small town so there’s not that many of them, but they said it’s almost been a non-event as far as hurting their business,” Columbia Mayor Rhonda Freeman said.

Freeman said some of the business even benefited from people coming from other towns for groceries.

“We had people come to our grocery stores which we didn’t close, but in most all of them, I didn’t see anybody without masks on,” Freeman said.

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