Second wave of COVID-19 cases arrives during flu season

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — After seeing the first wave, many doctors and hospitals have been dreading the next rise of COVID-19 cases, which now seems to be affecting the Wiregrass.

“I anticipate in the next six weeks we’re going to see a significant uptick,” Southeast Dr. Justin Hovey said. “It’s a terrible situation that’s starting to brew here because you look at the rest of the states that are being overrun right now. They don’t have extra bodies to give, and we don’t have extra bodies to give them either so we’re kind of running in the short rows.”

Hovey explained that this coming at the same time as flu season can be a blessing or a curse, dependent on if people get their flu vaccine.

“The twin-demic that could occur with COVID and the flu could put people in a very bad situation if you have both viruses simultaneously,” Hovey said. “Your chances of survival would go extremely low. So if we can handle it with the flu vaccine, that can keep you out of the hospital, then why not go ahead and get that flu vaccine.”

There is a hopeful light at the end of the tunnel. Alabama will be receiving doses of the COVID-19 vaccine at either the end of November or December, and they will be distributed to eligible candidates.

“I would say we’re certainly entering a phase two with response to this pandemic with the vaccine coming,” Houston County Health Department Administrator Corey Kirkland said. “And hopefully in the coming months, you know, things can be relaxed even more once we have more people vaccinated.”

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