Residents concerned children could become victims of speeding

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Right behind the Northside post office sits the Emerald Lake and Northside Subdivision where kids and families can visit and even feed the ducks that live nearby.

“It’s been an attraction for everyone in the community not just our neighborhood,” resident Beth Hemby said.

However, cut-through traffic, speeding, and drivers not paying attention have led to several ducks and geese being killed — the most recent being this weekend.

“This particular incident was extremely sad because someone had placed two ducks here as pets, and that was just five days ago,” Hemby said. “This one didn’t make it and then, of course, the mate to that one was left alone.”

City officials are aware that ducks stay around the lake and have taken measures to try and protect the animals.

“We placed the speed wagons there to encourage people to slow down whether it’s for children or wildlife, animals, and pets,” Dothan Mayor Mark Saliba said. “We would just encourage everyone to please when you see that, take care.”

Another one of the community’s concerns is child safety as several cars speed through the area.

Hemby said this is completely preventable.

“We’re hoping that our residents along this street will approve a speed bump,” Hemby said. “I know those are annoying to some people, but that’s the only thing we know of now. I know it’s drastic, but that would help.”

The Dothan Police Department has started patrolling the area to try and reduce speeds and protect both children and animals.

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