Resident voices concern over children playing with downed wires at bus stop

Local News

DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Downed wires have Dothan resident Robin Watts concerned with not only her safety but the children who catch the school bus right in front of her home.

“I have electrical wires all in my yard on the ground, hanging from the poles, hanging from other poles, and I have watched children swing from them,” Robin Watts said.

Robin said the aftermath of Hurricane Michael still lingers up and down her street. She said it’s a safety hazard, and each day she gets up and looks out of her windows to make sure the kids don’t step on the downed wires.

“The pickup spot is right by the pole,” Watts said. “There are about four to five kids who stand right there by the wires.”

She said many of her neighbors have taken matters into their own hands to ensure the kids are safe.

“Some of these people around here have tied them to the pole,” she said. “I’m not touching them, and like I said, if a kid will touch a dead one, they will touch a live one just as quick, and there are more out to think the live one is dead because they’ve already touched one.”

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