Providence puts strategy in place for athletes dealing with heat

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Heat is a major factor when it comes to football down south so high schools around Dothan try prepare their players for this.

Providence Christian does many different activities to prepare for this.

“We do stuff you know stuff outside,” Providence Christian football coach Kenny Keith said. “Running and agility stuff outside getting acclimated so once we start practice, we’re used to it. So that’s one way, that’s the main way we try to prevent things, get them in shape and just get them acclimated to the heat is we start in June doing that.”

There’s always a concern of a player getting heat stroke, Keith said in the old days they would look for usual signs like dizziness, players not feeling good, and paleness. Now the school has an athletic trainer ready to check out symptoms.

“She’s right there at practice with us every day,” Keith said. “So, if a kid says I don’t feel right or they look pale or they’re feeling dizzy we send them right to her, she checks them out.”

Keith said to prevent one of the most prevalent issues, cramps, along with other problems caused by heat, they encourage the layers to hydrate frequently.

“We’re trying to hydrate all the way to Friday now so we’re ready to go,” Keith said. “Hopefully that prevents a lot of the cramping and then, cause when you do that you get tired you strain stuff and pull stuff, and you just get drained mentally. So the main thing we do is take breaks and hydrate.”

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