Peanut harvest continues despite challenging growing year

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HEADLAND, Ala. (WDHN) — Parker Farms has continued working through dry heats, torrential rains, and even a global pandemic.

Owner Curry Parker explained why the weather, on top of the pandemic, has made harvesting more difficult and that they hope to make an average amount this season.

“And then we had about a three and a half week drought right the latter part of July, early August, and the heat,” Parker said. “A lot of times the heat’s just as bad on peanuts because peanuts are growing in the ground. When that ground temperature gets so hot, they can’t pollinate and produce the crop.”

He said the results have been somewhat standard for his farm.

“We’re looking at probably an average or maybe a little above average crop at the best for my farm and some of the other farms that surround here,” Parker said. “Some places have had more rain because of the way it is around here, the spotted showers that we have in the afternoon.”

Curry explained how the pandemic has changed the way he and his employees have been working throughout the year.

“This doesn’t look like my hands because I wash my hands so much the last six months because I don’t usually wash my hands 25 times a day, and my wife has kept the sanitizer,” Parker said. “We’ve worn our masks. My wife started cooking. She always has cooked for us. I feed my employees every day at lunch.”

Curry explained that his wife cooks every day so they don’t have to go out for lunch and risk contraction.

He hopes that as the season continues they’ll carry on and end up with a good crop.

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