Pause on the pizza: Dothan pizzeria suffers due to pandemic

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Since the pandemic hit, many businesses have suffered like local pizzeria Dante’s Pizza whose sales have declined.

With Thanksgiving a few days away, owner Raffaele Clemente is worried. As a small owned business, he said it has been hard keeping customers.

“See this is a family restaurant we are down so far 95,000 dollars, 95,000,” Clemente said.

Before COVID-19, Dante’s would cater things like birthday parties, but that has now come to a halt.

Dante’s is located in the Wiregrass Commons Mall. With the mall being closed on Thanksgiving Day, Clemente said he is relying on customers’ support on Black Friday.

He believes this will be the case during Christmas.

Despite COVID-19, Dante said their quality pizza will still remain the same.

“Yeah, because you know the quality of the product, everything is made fresh, you know, I mean it’s little bit of work but it pays off,” employee Salvator Nucco said.

Clemente and his employees are confident that even though they are going through a tough time, customers will continue to support them because of how good their food is.

“We build our fortune or our business on great quality and great customer service,” Clemente said.

Many customers agree — like Daril Williams, who frequents Dante’s for that reason.

“He a good man, I love eating here,” Williams said. “I want one of them pizzas right now.”

If you want an authentic pizza with the taste of Italy, go check out Dante’s Pizza in the Wiregrass Mall.

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