Patients weigh in on DEA raid on local doctor’s office

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — It still remains unclear why a raid took place at the Wiregrass Wellness Center, but many of the viewers took to our Facebook page to express their thoughts on what happened, some good and some bad.

“I would not be here today,” an anonymous caller said. “That’s how strong my feeling was on killing myself, but I am here today because of Dr. Strunk helping me through.”

According to Dr. John Strunk’s website, he offers a full range of professional therapy and counseling services.

Matt Townez, a local rapper who speaks on overcoming addiction spoke about his experience at the Wellness Center. He said that during his visit, he was in a bad state of mind, and at the time, he was still using.

“I went on, and I told him I was on Vyvanse, told him I was on 70 milligrams Vyvanse, and I was on Ativan, and he prescribed me both, no question, didn’t do any research,” he said. “(He) prescribed the prescription (and) sent me out the door, no questions.”

Townez said he hopes those who receive treatment for Dr.Strunk  will be able to continue their treatment after yesterday’s raid.

In addition to those who spoke on camera, a multitude of emails have come in, most of them from people telling stories of how Strunk helped them through their difficulties.

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