Ozark pastor seeks help after trailer is stolen from ministry

Local News

OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — Ozark Pastor Haley Enfinger feels like he just can’t catch a break.

A few weeks ago, a trailer was stolen from Mission Point Marketplace.

Enfinger said this has taken a major toll on everyone.

It will cost them $6,200 to replace the trailer.

He said this isn’t a good feeling.

“It’s tough, I mean you feel violated especially when you can’t itemize everything that you lost that kinda hurts,” Enfinger said. “We’re here to help people. Our motto is food shelter and hope. We don’t offer 8 -nd-a-half by 24 trailers.”

At this time, authorities have not made an arrest in the case, but Enfinger remains hopeful.

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