Opp City Schools will reopen for on-campus learning next Tuesday

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Opp, Ala. (WDHN)—Custodians and staff have been scrubbing floors and wiping furniture at each of Opp’s three public schools.

Due to several covid-19 cases, on-site classroom instruction has been canceled until Tuesday.

Within three hours Wednesday, the district nursing staff identified 49 students that
Had to be “quarantined” due to either “positive” cases, or students who were in social contact
With those who have the virus.

School Superintendent Michael Smithart says several who tested “positive” are athletes and were around
a number of other students who now have also been quarantined.

Smithart says
“We had a situation where we had a couple of positive tests coming in yesterday and with a three hour period based on contact tracing we had to send
49 students home. And the students who tested positive are very active and social students so we think the possibility of this spreading through campus
Very quickly is great so we wanted to be proactive.”

In addition, Smithart adds “to identify the students who may have been around someone who tested positive is no easy task. And it takes the entire school district to figure it out.”
“We have our nursing staff devoted to this and they do all the contact tracing and they let us know. They let the coaches know, they let the administrators know what has to happen and we stay out of it. Let them work as medical professionals and based on their advice we’ll make the
Decisions that we need to make.”

School officials say they’re waiting until Tuesday because any students who may have contracted the
virus this week should have shown symptoms, or tested positive by that time.

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