Nursing homes to create safe visitation plans for loved ones

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Wesley Place is one of the many places that are turning the Alabama’s Nursing Home Association’s encouragements into actual plans.

They are extremely excited to start having visitors for their patients, especially after being in quarantine for so long.

Here is how the process at Wesley Place is going to work.

“Our process is that we allow families to come and visit on a weekly visit for about fifteen minutes,” Executive Director Daniel March said. “They can set up a visit by talking to the household coordinator and making a time and we’ll make sure their loved one is ready for a visit.”

Director March explained that with the visits will come with the protocal of mask wearing, sanitizing, temperature checking, and asking the standard COVID-19 screening questions.

Here is what the director said about keeping the patients safe during visits.

“So we have this plexiglass screen set up and you can be about six foot from your loved one and just seem them face to face and see how they’re doing,” March said. “And talk to them like old times, visit and find out how they’re doing.”

The director finished by explaining that the patients seemed very excited about this plan and he looks forward to putting it in motion.

Any questions for Wesley Place, or any facility taking part in these visits, can be answered by the front office.

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