New Geneva County Jail officially opens

Local News

Geneva, Ala. (WDHN)— Former Sheriff Greg Ward started a discussion about a new jail two decades ago, he would finally see
it become a reality: “I was told building a new jail in Geneva County would never happen. Again this was said by a few who had different beliefs than I had.
Again, what a beautiful jail.”

For the first time, Sheriff Tony Helms says the “new” jail meets all health and safety criteria.
It is the most modern such facility in the state at this time
Sheriff Helms says
“We can have all the judges in the world, all the prosecutors in the world. We can have all the law enforcement officers we can cram into this county but without this
jail criminal justice fails.”

Mike Rutland with the architectural firm that built the prison says “It protects staff, it protects those people who are housed here. We have to remember it protects those who haven’t had their day in court.”

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