New COVID-19 cases, deaths on a decline in southeastern Alabama

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OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — Counties around the Wiregrass have seen a decrease in positive COVID-19 cases.

This isn’t because of a lack of testing either. According to the Southeastern Public Health Administrator Corey Kirkland, counties like Houston are doing 2,000 tests per day.

“With our 10 counties, it’s a flat curve,” Southeastern Public Health Administrator Corey Kirkland said. “They’re adding cases every day, you know, depending on the amount of testing being done and those things, but no one has a sharp increase in the number lately.”

Dale County has the most deaths within the Wiregrass, but according to the CEO of Dale Medical Center, deaths are on a decline.

“We’ve seen a significant decline in the number of deaths associated with COVID,” Vernon Johnson said. “We’ve had no deaths this month so far. Last month, we had one, and in prior months, it was significantly more.”

Health officials believe CDC guidelines are the reason for this decline.

“Following the guidelines and doing our best to social distance and sanitize and keep those things in mind,” Kirkland said. “Churches and businesses all pitching in and doing their best to make sure that we all can all enjoy our activities safely, and then of course wearing the masks has a lot to do with it.”

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