Nasro working with law enforcement to have trained officers work in school

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The National Association of School Resource Officers is an organization for school-based law enforcement officers, school administrators, and school security/safety professionals working as partners to protect students, faculty, staff and their school community.

The National Association of School Resource Officers is dedicated to providing the highest quality of training to school-based law enforcement officers to promote safer schools and children.

“We’re seeing a big push right now in training,” NASRO Director of Operations Mac Hardy said. “(It) is really awesome that all across the nation we’re seeing police departments, school districts having their officers working inside the school, getting specific training to work inside the schools.”

Training for school resource officers consists of the day-to-day activities of being a police officer, what their roles are, working with students and more.

“We want an experienced law enforcement officer working the schools,” Hardy said. “So, you take everything you’ve learned in the police academy, everything you’ve learned from your police mentors, and you’re working on the streets, you take that with you. That’s part of your toolbox, what we add to it is their roles inside the school.”

Both Dothan officers and Houston County deputies have been through the National Association of School Resource Officers and are very diligent in that training.

“These guys have specifically trained (officers),” Hardy said. “I know from talking to these supervisors that in the Houston County Sheriff’s Office and in the Dothan Police Department that they are properly selected. That’s very important to get the right person to go inside to work schools.”

NASRO assists communities and schools districts in developing the most effective programs for their communities.

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